5 Must Ask Questions About Airsoft
2017-10-02 11:16
If you ve read about airsoft, heard about it from a friend or seen it on TV, you may be itching to get started yourself. But before getting into the action, you probably have a bunch of questions to ask about the exciting sport of airsoft ranging such basics as getting hold of your first gun all the way up to joining airsoft games. Here are the answers to the most common questions people ask about this popular pastime.

The first thing most people ask about airsoft is “How dangerous is it?” After all, there are guns and shooting involved, so it has to be an extreme sport with all the attendant risks and dangers. The fact is that providing you take a few simple precautions, airsoft is perfectly safe. You just need to follow certain simple rules and guidelines such as only using your gun in designated zones, wearing protective gear and taking good care of your gun.

The next question people ask is Am I legally allowed to play airsoft?” The answer to this one is simple. Providing you re over 21 years old, most of the states in the US allow you to legally own and use an airsoft gun and participate in games. Laws are subject to change but at the time of writing, it is legal in all states except New York (including the five boroughs) and Michigan.

Another common question for those interested in airsoft is “How expensive is it?” Perhaps you ve seen a major airsoft game or skirmish in which the combatants were decked up in full uniform and wielding elaborate guns with night sights and a load of other accessories and thought to yourself, this must cost some really money .

It’s true that if you want to participate in certain high end airsoft games, you may need to invest some serious cash, though a lot of the equipment can be hired. But the great thing about this sport is that it s scalable. You can start off with simple spring guns and decide if the pastime is for you. If so, you can gradually upgrade your equipment as your skills and interests develop. Other than the guns themselves, you ll have to pay for ammunition, and replacement gas canisters or battery charging, depending on the type of gun you have.

Talking of guns, another common question is “What are the differences between the various types of gun?” There are three main types with the most basic being : spring airsoft guns which use a mechanical spring to propel the pellet. These are cheap and easy to use but can only shoot one BB at a time. Gas airsoft guns are more elaborate. As the name suggests, they use gas, usually green gas or carbon dioxide, to fire the pellet. These guns are available in semi and full automatic models. The third are electric airsoft guns which use a battery powered mechanism to shoot the pellets. These are the most popular types, especially AEG (automatic electric gun) airsoft guns, which are the firearm of choice for games. Guns are made of plastic, plastic and metal and you can also get metal airsoft guns.

Which brings us to our last question, “How do I get involved in airsoft games?” These are the perfect fantasy events that allow you to role play being in a historical battle or police hostage situation, to give just a few examples. They usually take place on airsoft fields which are rented out by the hour or day. Fields come in different types with differing set ups. For example, open area, close quarters indoor, and MOUT (

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